Welcome to Virtual Real Archery

Real Bow. Real Arrows. Virtual targets.

toxevo is a free interactive archery game that tracks your shots to control a video game.
Grab your bow and experience the evolution of archery.

Currently in development. First release expected 2022.

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TOXEVO is a free, interactive archery game in which you shoot real arrows with your real bow at a target wall.
On the wall, a projector is displaying one of many interactive games.
A camera tracks the impacts of your arrows, to allow your arrows to interact with the virtual world.
TOXEVO keeps track of your score and connects you with other players from all over the world.

TOXEVO is currently in development. The first release is expected in 2022.

TOXEVO is named after the ancient greek word τοξεύω (transliterated: toxeúō),
which means "to shoot with a bow" or "hit with an arrow" - slightly modified to incorporate evolution.


While there are other interactive "real" archery games out there, they do have one thing in common:
They are quite expensive - if they are available to individuals at all.

Thus, I decided to build my own. The goals behind the TOXEVO project is to build an archery simulator, that:

  • Offers a wide variety of games
  • Costs less than 1000 € to build (excluding the target wall)
  • Is built on universally available hardware
  • Is available to everyone
  • Connects you to a global community of like-minded archers
  • ... and, of course, tracks your arrows precisely

Building blocks

The image below shows TOXEVO's components. Please click on any of the colored parts to learn more.

simplified model of how toxevo works Impact sensor Camera Projector Wall Impact receiver PC

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About me




When I found out about interactive archery games, I got all excited: Being able to have fun with archery at home. Independent of weather and time of day. And with a huge variety of games. It sounded too good to be true - and it was: the existing systems are very expensive, if they can be bought by individuals at all.

I'm a software engineer by trade and always had a passion for computer games as well as the point of contact between the virtual and physical world. So I decided to create my own - and toxevo was born.

Aside from writing software, I'm a married father of two amazing girls.
I live in Vienna, Austria.

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TOXEVO features

Various different games

Moving targets. Time-based challenges. Puzzle games. An ever-expanding list of games to challenge both beginners and experts.

Precise arrow tracking

Using image recognition, TOXEVO tracks the exact impact position of your arrows.

Use any bow & arrows

No matter what equipment you prefer, as long as the arrow sticks in the wall you can use it to play.

Compete online

All TOXEVO instances are connected. See how you compare to other players around the globe and take part in special challenges.

Track your progress

TOXEVO keeps some statistics about your performance. Keep track of how your skills evolve over time.

For everyone

Built around cost-efficient off-the-shelf hardware, to be affordable for individuals.

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toxevo is not released yet. Subscribe to stay informed.

TOXEVO Pricing

TOXEVO is free for personal use. You can play all games for as much as you like.

If you decide to support TOXEVO with a donation of your choice, you will get access to all of the online features,
such as highscore lists, regular challenges and events. You'll also be among the first ones to try TOXEVO even before it officially launches.

If you plan to use TOXEVO in your archery club or commercially (e.g. build your arena and sell access at an hourly rate), please get in touch.
We'll work something out together.

  • Free

    • All games
    • No online highscore
    • No challenges
    • Community support
    • No commercial use
  • Supporter

    • Pick your donation amount
    • Early access (planned Q1 2022)
    • All games
    • One full account
    • Online highscores
    • Participate in all challenges
    • Guest mode (to show your friends)
    • Special discord channel
    • Community support
    • No commercial use
  • Commercial

    • Earn money with your TOXEVO arcade
    • Play together in your archery club
    • Unlimited full accounts
    • Online highscores
    • Participate in all challenges
    • Guest mode
    • Personal support